A Beginner’s Guide to the World of Bodybuilding

All the current rage comes from three-month programs. You’ve seen them. A program promises to give you results in just 90 days, and you’re interested. Three months is more than enough to get a good workout regimen going, but it doesn’t even have to take long.

You won’t be jacked up in a month, but by completing a one-month training program, you can be able to become accustomed to working out and get past the part where so many quit.

In this article, we’ll teach you how a beginner can get a dedicated workout going. We won’t go easy on you, however. We’re going to push you quite a bit. However, our plan isn’t to injure or burn you out, and you won’t be bored.

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We have plenty of exercises for you to tackle, and each week you’ll do a different exercise with more intensity. In just a few weeks, you’ll be demanding another exercise, and you’ll see results, which will make you want to work out even more. So all this workout will take is just a month.

This workout isn’t just for someone who’s new to the scene, though. If you’ve been on hiatus from working out, this is a great way for you to slowly return to working out hardcore. In just four weeks, you can be able to have a hardcore workout. So let’s get started.

Week One

The first week will consist of three days, and on each day, you’ll be training your full body. One exercise will be performed per body part, and you will have a rest day between each workout day. This will prevent injury and burnout. A good workout plan is to do it Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and rest on weekends. Of course, you can adjust this to suit your schedule.

These exercises that are in the first week are just your run of the mill moves. While they are used by the pros, beginners can do them too! We won’t even exclude you from free weights. They’ll be in the workouts as well.

Free weights are very important if you want an excellent workout regimen, as they’re the requirements for long-term results. You should start learning them if you know what’s good for you. Before you start, read each exercise and the instructions, or it may lead to injury.

So in week one, you’ll be doing three sets of each exercise. With three days, this means you’ll be doing nine sets for each body part you work out. A nice start to your exercise regimen. How many reps will you have? About 8-12, excluding crunches.

Reps are important, as they help you to become stronger and get those gains, and every bodybuilder, regardless of skill, uses them.

In the below workouts, your first set says eight reps, then your second will say ten. Then, it’ll end with 12. This technique is known as a reverse pyramid because it’s going from low to high. You’ll be lowering your weight with every set so you can do more reps.

To put this in perspective, if you do a first set of lat pulldowns at 140 lbs for eight reps, you should lower it to 130 on your ten rep set, and so on.

Week 2

In the second week, you’ll be mixing things up quite a bit. In the first week, you trained your entire body each day. But in this week, you’ll be training different parts on different times, and the training split is two days. In other words, your body will be fully trained in two days instead of one.

This week will require you to train four days instead of three, and two days will be upper body and two will be lower body. Monday and Tuesday should be upper body and Tuesday and Friday should be lower. The rest of the days should be your days to recover. But as we said, adjust according to your schedule.

While some of your exercises from the first week make a comeback in the second, you’ll be adding another move to each body part, except for your abs. This will allow a deeper workout for each part, giving you more results. You’ll be training your chest with a compound workout, AKA a bench press, and he other is more of an isolation workout that will target your pecs more.

This workout will bring back the reverse pyramid, but your reps will be higher by the time you reach your third set. Fifteen reps is the total that you should be reaching. While it may not be enough for some, it’s enough to build endurance and prepare yourself for the future.

Week Three

With the third week, we’ll be training each body part in a different day. For day one, you’ll be tackling your triceps, chest, and shoulders, for day two, you’ll be going for your biceps and back, and in the last day, you’ll be doing your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Each body part will be trained twice a week, so you’ll be going for six days this time!

With each body part, one exercise will be added so you can get an even better workout to sculpt your muscles to its best extent. Each group of muscles will have two exercises of three to four sets each. Your large body parts, or the quads, back, shoulders, chest, and hamstrings, will have four sets. Three sets go to your calves, abs, biceps, and triceps. You’ll be doing 16 sets for large body parts, and 12 for small ones.

This quite a big jump from the first week!

Week Four

Finally, you’ll be finishing the month off by working out for four days, and each body part will be trained once with the exception of abs and calves, which are trained twice. This is what pro lifters do, because they train fewer parts every workout.

This means that you give each part way more attention, and you can train with more intensity. You’ll be doing triceps and chest one day, quads, biceps, and back another, and so on. You won’t be doing any new exercises this time, as it’s all about improving what you already know.

For your reps, they’ll still stay about the same range, but your sets do increase. Five sets will be there for larger parts, and for calf raises, you may go up to ten! This will keep your muscles growing like crazy, but just barely not enough to reach burnout.

When you complete this week, you’re ready to tackle the workout world for real!

To Summarize:

In the first week, you’ll begin week one by working out you full body for three days, resting in between. Week two, you’ll work out your upper body, lower body, rest, and the repeat. Week three, you’ll do push muscles, pull muscles, legs, repeat the last three, and then rest. Week four, you’ll tackle your chest, calves, and triceps on the first day, legs and abs on the second, rest on the third, work your calves and shoulders on the fourth, do back, abs, and biceps on the fifth, and then rest.

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