Dieting Advice That Just Isn’t True

The world of dieting can be a confusing one, especially in the information age. All around you, different sources tell you different things. One site will say something is bad for you, and another will say that the previous advice isn’t true.

You don’t know what to believe! It’s enough to make someone just not want to do it. But don’t blow your diet just yet. Let’s make things a bit easier by telling you some dieting advice that isn’t true no matter what someone tells you.

Eat More Than Three Meals a Day

One popular dieting tip is to eat about five or six small meals a day instead of three larger ones. The rationale behind this is that it will help your metabolism keep on running. In reality, however, it doesn’t matter when you eat your food as much as how many calories you consume each day.

Whether you eat one meal a day or ten, as long as you count calories, you should be good. This applies to time as well. Don’t fret if you eat a snack before bedtime. Just make sure it doesn’t go over your daily limit.

Avoid Carbs

Remembering the no-carb fad years ago? Despite it waning, people still believe this. However, the truth is that your body wasn’t meant to digest only fat, so it can be dangerous. Don’t be afraid to eat carbs, but instead, try avoiding simple carbs and eat more complex carbs.false diet advice

Complex carbs tend to be full of vitamins, and thus help you with your health. A few examples of those include whole grain, vegetables, and fruits. Simple carbs, meanwhile, are typically found in sweets, syrups, and other sugary goodness. While tasty, don’t consume them in excess.

No Sugar Whatsoever!

Some people think that if you magically cut out all sugar, you’ll lose weight. However, this is more because you’re cutting out foods that are high in fats and calories, such as cake and chocolate. The problem isn’t sugar, it’s eating too much of it.

You can cut out all the sugar you want, but if you’re breaking your calorie limit, you’re not going to lose weight. Sugar is needed for your body to run, after all, and you can have your sweets as long as you don’t go overboard. Eating nothing but sugary foods and going under your calorie limit can benefit you more in weight loss than eating healthy foods but consuming too much of it.

Eat Food Before or After a Workout Will Help You Lose Weight

The justification is that it helps speed your metabolism, but in reality, eating before you work out should only be necessary if you’re going to do a long one. If you’re pushing yourself to your limit for an hour and a half, you should eat something beforehand.

If you are, however, don’t eat more than 500 calories. This is because your muscles will burn their stored glycogen there and in your liver. If you’re doing a short workout, however, just avoid eating. It can slow you down.

However, eating after a workout can help replenish those lost nutrients and electrolytes, so that’s not a bad idea. Make sure your meal after your workout contains has complex carbs and plenty of protein. Even eating 100 calories of sugar can help give you an energy boost.

Salads Are Magical!

In our culture, a salad is a staple of healthy eating. If you see someone who’s overweight, you may remark that they need to eat more salads. However, their salads may make them gain more weight if you aren’t careful. For you see, we dabble our salads with cheese, croutons, bacon, oil, and don’t forget the salad dressing! salads are not all good

This can lead to your salad having too many calories, and this is going to cause more harm than good. So don’t assume that a salad is automatically the healthier choice. Make sure your salad is healthy. It should have all the essential veggies or fruits, and if you’re going to use a dressing or toppings, either use them sparingly or look for low fat alternatives such as vinegar dressing.

Fiber is Also Magical!

In the last misconception, we see people claim that fiber is this cure-all substance that’s going to give your body so many benefits it’s not even funny. It will help you to clean your body of the evil toxins, fats, sugar, and other nasties.

Fiber is good for you and helps to maintain a healthy digestion, but if you eat too much, you’re not going to get much benefits out of it except for more toilet time, and that’s no good. For the average male, about 40 grams is good for you, and it depends on your gender and age. Eating too much just makes you do a number two faster, so don’t eat more than you need. In dieting, balance is key.

With that, those are just a few of the many misconceptions about dieting that you should not take. As they say, don’t believe everything you read. Dieting is a lot less complicated than some make it out to be. With a healthy diet that’s low in calories but high in nutrition, you’ll be able to lose weight when you exercise as well.

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