The Top Eight Exercise and Fitness Mistakes You’re Probably Making

The world of fitness can be a confusing one. While one source claims that you’re eating or exercising in the wrong way, another claims that you’re in the right. This food is healthy, or is it unhealthy? Do you need thirty minutes of exercise a day, or is it an hour? With so many conflicting information, it’s enough to drive everyone to madness and make them put away the weight in exchange for a slice of pizza. But don’t do that! While the Internet does have too much contradictory fitness advice, there are a few ground rules that everyone agrees on, and by following them, you can stay true to your fitness goals.

Only Doing Crunches

Everyone is guilty of this one at one point or the other, and if you’re still doing it, you need to stop. The assumption is easy to understand: you think that by doing hundreds of crunches, a pair of abs that could shred glass is going to grow on your stomach. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. To see your abs, you need to get rid of fat, which means you need to do the old burn more calories before you consume them routine. Incorporate cardio and other exercises and only do a few sets of ab workouts, increasing the intensity when you need to.

Not Taking on Enough Water

Staying hydrated is important, but many people don’t have enough. By now, everyone should know that the old rule about drinking eight glasses a day is bunk. In all honesty, you’ll probably need more than that. While the exact amount you need is hard to track, a good rule is drink an ounce per pound of your total body weight. It doesn’t have to be exact, but it will guarantee you stay hydrated. After all, it’s hard to have too much water, but easy to have not enough.

Biting Off More than You Can Chew

When some people want to begin an exercise regimen, they go all out. They’ll run across the country, lift hundreds of pounds, and train as if they’re in an eighties montage. However, too much in one sitting can cause intense pain the next day and will discourage you from working out. Start your exercise plan with something simple and then build up the more your progress. Don’t try playing on the hardest difficulty right away.

Rewarding Yourself Too Often

You’re told that you should stick to a diet, but there’s nothing wrong with eating a pound of ice cream on occasion, right? If not planned correctly, it can be devastating. The simple way to avoid this is have a day once or twice a week where you can treat yourself, and don’t change it. By allowing yourself too many rewards, you’ll more than likely fall down the slippery slope and eat like a pig every day, ruining your progress.

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Not Changing Your Workout Enough

We should all know about the plateau effect, where if you keep doing the same exercises, you’re bound to see little to no progress after so long. Your body adapts, and you should too! What you need to do is change your workout after so long. Whether it’s doing a new exercise, changing the intensity, or doing it for a longer duration, you need to make sure that you’re seeing results. If you’re a novice, you should only change it after a couple of months, but as you progress, you need to make sure to change your program every month so that you can stay at peak performance.

Only Concentrating on One Body Part

This goes in harmony with the “too many crunches” rule. If you have fat arms, don’t just spend your training working the arms. If your stomach is fat, don’t just work out your stomach. Make sure to take care of all areas of the body and balance them out. Have days for each part of your body and give them equal treatment. Think about it: if you sculpt just your arms and nothing else, the rest of your body will start to decline while only your arms stay in shape. Don’t do that! Treat every part like you would your children, with equal care and compassion.

Not Doing Weights at All

If you just need to lose weight, you may be doing cardio without weight training. For some, especially women, they don’t want to end up bulky. However, that’s a misconception. Weight training while doing cardio will keep your body toned and your physique awesome. Besides that, cardio, while it burns calories, does not give you the metabolic jumpstart like weight training does. Always donate a portion of your workout regimen to lifting those weights. You don’t have to be a meathead lifter, but you should do some form of weight training.

Skipping Leg Day

Leg day has almost become an inside joke in the fitness world. Some speak of the supposed horrors of leg day, such as not being able to walk the next day, or showing someone with a bulky body and muscular arms but with chicken legs whilst claiming that they should have not skipped leg day. In truth, leg day is important for many reasons. Besides the obvious fact that you want your body to look consistent, the legs burn more calories than the rest of your body, and the lower body does contain more muscle mass. You don’t have to work your legs until you can’t walk, but have a comfortable weight workout and throw in some cardio so that you don’t suffer from the effects of having no leg day.

By not making these mistakes, you can have better results in no time at all. Working out is a commitment and you need to commit to all forms of working out on all parts of your body. Don’t concentrate on one part and don’t feel afraid to leave your comfort zone while working out. By doing this, you can finally show your fat who’s boss.

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