Four Exercise Pairings to Get Your Body Going

When most people work out, they do it while rushing, and don’t plan as much as they should. It may be due to them not having enough time, or it may be because they have a routine going, and they’re not the type of people who like to leave that comfort zone. If you exercise like this, your body can become unbalanced and you may hit a plateau, meaning your workouts won’t be as effective.

Why you should try exercise pairing

No matter your fitness levels, mixing your workouts up is the way to go. And to do this, try performing workouts that balance all your body’s needs. By balance, we mean that you shouldn’t concentrate on just one group of muscles. For instance, don’t just work to improve your triceps. Build every single arm muscle up, and it will give you better results.

If you just work out a single group of muscles, it will improve its appearance, but the rest of your body will suffer. Everyone jokes about people who skip leg day, and there’s a reason. Nothing is more off-putting than someone who has big arms and a wide chest, but has legs that look like a chicken’s. But it doesn’t stop with appearances. It can hurt your posture as well.

Does it sound complicated? It’s really not. We’ll cover some ways that you can make sure your entire body receives equal amounts of attention. It’s easy to do, can work with your current workout, and it will improve how you look and feel.

Many people handle their workouts by doing each group of muscles on a certain day. For instance, they may work out their arms one day, their legs the next, their abs the third, and so on. If you’re committed, this can work, but many fail to do it properly. This results in one group being worked out too much or too little. Instead, you need to concentrate on a workout that targets everything equally.

When doing workouts, no matter what your goal is, you need to keep your full body in mind as you figure out how you’re going to schedule which activities you do. Think of a target zone, and stick to it.

For days when balance is key, we’re going to provide you with some great and simple ways that you can work out your body. You don’t even have to do the whole routine, either. You can add one of the exercise pairs into your plan, and personalize it to make it fit your needs.

Pair One: Bench Press/Bent Over Row

First, we’ll look at the bench press. It works out your chest and triceps, making it a good one to do. To do it, keep your body flat on the nearest bench, and hold a pair of weights in one hand. Move your hands from your shoulders straight upwards. After you can see your hands, lower yourself.bench press pairingbench press pairing

Now, let’s check out the bent over row. This one does the biceps and your upper back. Stand and lean forward slightly, making sure you bend your knees. Your arms should be dangling straight, and weights should be in both hands. Pull your weights towards your chest, slowly. Straighten them, and your set will be complete.

Pair Two: Leg Curls and Squats

First, we’ll look at the squats. They work your quads and butt, and there are many types of squats you can do. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll look at the traditional squat. Your feet will be on the floor, shoulder-width. Squat down, and picture yourself sitting on a chair. Once you’re in that position, go back up. It’s as simple as that.

Now, let’s look at the leg curls. They work out your butt and hamstrings. You will need a stability ball for this. Lie on your back, straighten your legs, and make sure that your heels are on the ball. Afterwards, contract those glutes, raise those hips, and pull those heels in front of your body. Stretch your legs, and then the process will start all over again.

For those who don’t have a ball, you can get yourself a bench or another way of support and do a bridge.

Pair Three: Superman Lifts and Crunches

First, let’s look at the crunches. We all know how to do one, and we know that they improve your abs. Like with squats, there are many ways to do a crunch, but stick with the original for now.
So what are Superman lifts? They work out your lower back, and you don’t have to be a superhero to do one. Lie face down, extending your arms and legs. While your limbs are straight, lift yourself up, and your back should arch. Hold for as long as possible, lower yourself, and repeat.

Pair Four: Lat Pulldown and Shoulder Press

Let’s look at the lat pulldown first. It works your middle back, and you need a lat pulldown machine that you should be able to find at any gym. Follow the instructions on the machine, or ask a pro for assistance. If you want to substitute, a wide grip pull-up works as good.

Now for the shoulder press. You need dumbbells or some kind of weight to do this. It chisels your arms and shoulders. Keep your dumbbells in each hand, extend your arms out, and bend them at your elbow. Move your arms above your head, lower them, and repeat.


These workouts are easy to do, but you will see results. Do them to your liking, but aim for 10 reps with three sets, resting every set. By doing these workouts with some cardio, such as rowing, cycling, jogging, or even walking, your body will be balanced, and you will see results!

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