Is Wearable Tech Really Worth it? The Pros and Cons.

There have been many bubbles throughout the years. We’ve watched the housing and dotcom bubbles burst, and now some say that wearable technology will be the next one to go pop. Wearable tech is a huge fad right now, and as this year’s still beginning, we’ll see even more competition and products.

Everyone is waiting for the Apple Watch, and the biggest rivals are trying to build their own alternatives. Because of this, many believe that that wearable tech is the next technology that you won’t be able to live without, like smartphones.

However, some believe that it’s just a phase, and it’s doomed from the start. Will you be the proud owner of a defunct product in a few years, or is your investment worth it?dollar_sign_54

For many, including ourselves, the ability to track your fitness like never before is one of the big appeals in wearable tech. In a world where everyone’s still battling their bulges, we want to see more accurate fitness trackers to give us the perfect diet and exercise plan.

Before you spend the money on it, however, you should look into your motivation. If you’re already fit, then it can be a great tool for you to enhance your exercise plan. However, if you’re sedentary and believe that the watch is a magical device that will turn you into an Olympic champion, you may be disappointed. Our advice would be to make your own plan to get motivated, if you’re not already. And here’s how you can do it without any technology.

While fitness trackers can pinpoint your results with great accuracy and detail, you really don’t need them for a great exercise regimen. There are ways you can track your progress for so much more. Tracking how many calories you’ve burned or how long you’ve ran is a good idea, but if you’re new, you need something else besides numbers. You need a plan!

Making Your Own Foolproof Fitness Plan

Create your own goals. Is your plan to get more muscle, lose weight, or to just start eating better? If you don’t have your goals in mind, you’ll be all over the place and soon lose interest.

Make sure you start eating better. This requires a whole other article of its own, but just know that you need to eat wholesome foods if you want results. For instance, to gain muscle, you need to eat protein-rich foods.

Start with a simple routine. This will be your first draft in exercising. Figure out what you’re going to do, and adjust the routine accordingly. Make sure you begin simple, or else be defeated when it’s too much for you.

Avoid all the woo. Woo is pseudoscience that’s ineffective, and the Internet is bubbling with it. Taking this magic pill won’t make you lose weight. You can’t reduce the fat of only one part of your body. Eating five smaller meals a day won’t boost your metabolism. Make sure you rely on proven science instead of fishy articles on the Internet.

Variety is the spice of life. Don’t just do the same workout each day. Mix it up and try new workouts if you discover them.

Resting is important. Allow yourself a day or two each week to recover, and make sure your rest days work in harmony with your fitness plans.

Plan a time to do nothing but exercise. Whether it’s ten minutes or an hour, you need to have a time where you’re doing nothing but working out. By making time, you’re slowly allowing yourself to be able to get used to working out.

Spend the Money on a Year-Long Gym Membership

Apple’s least expensive watch is said to cost $349. For many, that’s quite an expense. But is it a good bang for your buck, or should you spend it on something else?

The prices of a gym membership differ for each month. But otherwise, they’re relatively inexpensive, ranging from about $20-$50 or so. The amount of money you spend on that watch could pay for months upon months of unlimited time in the gym, maybe even a year depending on the cost of the gym. This could definitely give you more motivation to work out than a watch could. While the gym isn’t for everyone, it can motivate many, even more so than a distracting watch on your wrist.wearable_tech_55

If your gym offers it, try purchasing a yearly gym membership. You’ll spend much more money, but feel more motivated. You wouldn’t regret the $20 you spent for a monthly membership that much if you give up, but if you spend hundreds for a year, you’re probably going to want to use the gym as much as you can.

Exercise Should Be Carefree

Technology is beneficial to all of us. It connects us to the world around us and allows us to do more tasks with ease, but it does have its downsides. Fitness, in particular. A watch or smartphone with tons of features can overly complicate your workout or create a distraction. Instead, you should try doing a simple workout that requires little technology. Go to a park and run the nature trails, or go hiking. Forget the watch.


We’re not saying that the Apple Watch and other wearable tech won’t be good, but if your only motivation to getting one is to kick start your fitness regimen, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Instead, you can spend less and get more results. Before you buy, get motivated and create a good fitness plan. You’ll thank us for it later.

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