The Battle of Weight Versus Muscle Mass

One of the strongest reasons that people don’t stick to their diet or fitness plan is not because of the lack of willpower, but because of the number on the scale. Nothing can be more discouraging than standing on the scale, only to see that the number is higher than when it was when you last weighed.

In reality, those numbers are going to fluctuate, and your weight isn’t the main determinant in your fitness progress. In truth, it’s all about the ratio of body fat and muscle on your body. In this article, we’ll teach you why you shouldn’t worry about your weight too much.

Have you ever learned someone’s weight, and was shocked at how much they weighed? For example, you see someone of average height who is quite skinny, and it turns out that they weigh over 200 pounds.

weight vs muscle

Some people believe that a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat, and that’s the reason why muscular people weigh so much, but that isn’t the case, either. A pound is a pound. The reason is because muscle doesn’t fill out your body as much. If you have plenty of muscle mass and a low body fat, you’ll appear to be skinnier than what your weight is.

In truth, our society puts too much focus on the number and over-simplifies what it means to be healthy.

We think that we have to get our weight as low as possible (within a healthy limit,) and there are many factors to blame. It’s not just because of media, but due to ways of measuring such as the BMI, which tells you that you’re obese if you weight a certain amount, and doesn’t take into count your muscle mass.

However, people think that the number is what matters. We get happy when we see the number on the scale lower, frustrated when it stays the same, and discouraged when it goes up. It shouldn’t be how your weight is, but instead about how they feel. Can you fit into your old clothes anymore? Are you shorter of breath?

Long story short, your weight is irrelevant in many cases, not giving you enough info to determine your fitness. Instead, you should raise your muscle mass, and for good reason.

An ideal amount of muscle mass will increase your strength, and you’ll actually be healthy. Bing skinny doesn’t guarantee health, and by having muscle mass, you can be healthy and still look great. Add exercise in your life instead of starving yourself. And most importantly…

Throw out your scale! We mean this. As we established before, negativity is what throws many people off their fitness plans. If you’re obsessed over how much you weigh, it may cause you to take drastic measures, which can hurt your body even more. Instead, measure yourself, check how much body fat you have, and try to cut fat and build muscle.

Monitor these things, and do not quit just because you don’t like your weight.

Most importantly, make sure that you’re not changing your weight, but your lifestyle instead. Eat nutritious, balanced foods, keep a consistent workout going, and make sure that your life is as stress-free as possible. If you can have all these, you can have true fitness. Just make sure that you’re not eating unhealthy. A bad diet can’t be killed by exercise. Avoid eating empty foods frequently and make sure that you’re reducing your stress through exercise and not by eating.

So when you’re trying to stay fit, should you lose muscle along with fat? Not at all. Despite the rumors, muscles won’t make you look bulky. Keep yourself going by performing resistance weight training that will shape up your body, and consume plenty of protein along the way. Cut the calories, and keep the nutrition.

If you’re new to exercising, where should you begin? Well, we’re going to provide you with a great workout that builds muscle and it fun to boot. You can even do this at a playground, making this great for parents or those who are children at heart.

The Workout

Begin by warming up. Essentially, you’re preparing your body for the workout ahead, and this will reduce injury. Walk or stretch for about ten minutes, and then get ready to work out! This workout will consist of three sets of two rounds, with a couple minutes rest between each round.

Round One:

  • -10 squats
  • -8 push-ups on a park bench or another method of support
  • -8 monkey bar pull-ups
  • -30 seconds of running

Round Two:

  • -Travel across the monkey bars twice.
  • -Squat jump 15 times, making sure you do it as far as you can
  • -Use a park bench to do 10 triceps dips
  • -Jog for a minute

By doing this workout, your endurance, energy, and state of mind will all improve, and you’ll soon discover that being fit doesn’t mean weighing less. Learn to tone up your body, and have fun doing it without the stress.

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