The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have Getting Toned Abs

Everyone wants to get abs, and it shows. With our expanding waistlines, we’re searching more and more on how to tighten your stomach and get the washboard abs of your dreams. So how do you get then? Many people think that they must do hundreds of sit-ups a day, but you can do exercises that take less time and aren’t as dull. Here are a few that you can try!


Every time you jump, your legs are moved up to your chest. This will tighten your stomach muscles and improve your body. Try investing in a trampoline, or use a staff or broomstick and jump over it, using a friend to hold it up. The higher it goes, the more challenging it is, since you’ll pull your legs higher. If you do this for 30 minutes daily, you should see results in not only your abs, but your legs and cardio as well.

Martial Arts

Kick, punch, it’s all in the abs. Every martial arts movement you do needs a strong core, whether you’re blocking, dodging, punching, or kicking. It’s not only fun to do and teaches you self defense, but it’ll keep your abs tight. While you still need to do basic ab workouts, you can boost your abs by doing martial arts.


If you want some powerful abs, you can’t go wrong with pilates. It’s a recent workout, invented about 100 years ago, and it’s one of the most powerful exercises you can perform. By doing pilates, you can keep your back and muscles tightened, all while having fun. For the best results, find pilates classes, as this exercise works best when done together.


We all know that yoga can be great for the mind and body, but did you know it’s great for your abs as well? Besides the social factor, it’s an excellent workout. Your back, abs, obliques, and so much more will be targeted with every pose.abs_yoga_workout_22

So seek a yoga class today. While it may be difficult at first, it’s stimulating, and you’ll definitely see results in your flexibility, your body fat, and your abs!

Ab Workouts Without a Gym

If you lack the time, money, or interest in going to a gym or a class, you can still get great results. Whether you’re at home, on break at work, or just strolling about, you can do these exercises practically everywhere.

The easiest thing you can do is to stand up straight. Tighten your abs, tuck in your tailbone, and have your hips pull upwards. It will make your body more appealing and can tighten your muscles.

Try hula hooping. It’s not just a toy for children! A few minutes shaking your hips can improve your stomach and core greatly, and it’s a fun, silly activity that can improve your body.

Belly dancing work as well. You don’t need to be a performer to do this. You can do it in any situation that requires standing up. Just place one of your feet in front and to the left of your other one, and keep your weight on the toes. Life your right hip up, lower it, and keep repeating. Repeat for each toe, and your abs will be on fire, especially if you do this a few times every day.

Even when you sit, you still can work out your body. Move your butt forward until you’re resting in the seat’s center, and keep your shoulders on the chair. Use your stomach to help keep your knees in the air. Repeat this for 20 times each hour and your abs will be well-toned.


Now that you’ve read this, we hope that you understand that you don’t need to do a hundred pushups every day in order to get sexy abs. Instead, you can do these fun activities that stimulate both body and mind. These workouts all help almost equally, so it’s up to personal preference. Try doing each of the workouts and see which is your favorite. Or you can mix it up. Either way, have fun!

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