Why You Should Strive for Healthiness Instead of Skinniness

No matter who you are, you probably have a dream body that you wish to attain. Whether it’s washboard abs, or just to be skinnier, everyone dreams. There’s nothing wrong with this. If you keep your perfect body in mind, it can motivate you, and you can achieve your goals, or at least get as close as possible.

But there are limits as to how far you should take it. If you try obtaining your perfect body with unhealthy habits, you need to reconsider your goals and how you approach it. Health is much more important than your looks, and here’s why.

Being healthy keeps your mind and body in an ideal balance, and that will work best for you.
Health just feels better than looking good. Your mind is clear, your body is flushed from all the bad stuff, and you’ll feel much better when you take care of it.

You’re supposed to be healthy. You are what you eat, and it will determine how healthy you are.
Looks fade with age, but great health doesn’t. By staying healthy, you can have your golden years be truly golden.

Being Skinny Won’t Cure Diseases

Keeping your body in check and staying healthy is how you’re supposed to be able to fight off disease and illness. On the other side, being skinny doesn’t. Disease doesn’t discriminate based on your weight. If you lose weight by starving yourself, it won’t lower your chances of being sick.

Most diseases can be preventable, and many are because you’re deficient in nutrients. Don’t count calories, but instead count nutrients. Five-hundred calories of wholesome foods that are packed in nutrients do more for your body in the long run than 100 empty calories. By adding healthy foods for your diet, you can reap the results.

Starving Yourself Isn’t a Good Lesson for Kids

If you have kids, you should know that they’re easily influenced. Their surroundings condition their beliefs, so it would be ideal that as a parent, you set a good example for your children.

Picture a mother who keeps complaining to her young daughter about her body image. She doesn’t eat that much, and is always hard on herself every time she looks at a mirror. This behavior could rub off on the daughter, and soon she is worrying about her weight when she shouldn’t.healthy food choice

Now picture a mother who stays healthy and exercises regularly, and her daughter observes. The daughter sees the mother not fretting if she splurges once in a while, since she knows that her overall health regimen makes the occasional cookie invalid. The daughter soon learns how to be healthy, and leads a better life because of it.

Being Skinny Doesn’t Mean You’re Physically Fit

We’re not saying that you should be a professional athlete or a sports player, but you should exercise as much as you can. By exercising consistently and eating healthy, anyone can feel better about themselves and see the benefits of their labor.

Your body will lose weight in the way it should be, your endurance will go up, and your strength will increase. Also, it should be noted that if you still eat horribly, exercise won’t help that much. If you’re active constantly, you need to have a complete, wholesome diet

Keeping your body high in amino acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals can help your body heal after a workout. Your muscles will recover, rebuild, and become stronger. This is why exercise and a healthy diet work in harmony, and why you should as well.

By exercising and eating right, you become toned and healthy, no matter who you are. Starving yourself won’t make you feel better.

The nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids are required by the body to recover, build, strengthen and rejuvenate muscle tissue. This fact makes it all the more important to live an active lifestyle that is also accompanied by healthy eating habits.

Being Healthy Just Feels Better

No matter who you are, you’ll feel better if you eat right and exercise. Not only that, but you will lose weight. Bodies work differently, so many people may become what some may feel is too skinny. But that’s not a bad thing! Instead, you should worry if you became skinny because you practiced unhealthy habits. If you’re skinny because you’re healthy, that’s good. But if you’re skinny because you ate very little, that’s bad.

The Benefits of Being Healthy

More energy
You can sleep better and more soundly
You won’t feel as sluggish and will be more spry
Your digestion will improve
You’ll become more athletic and will be able to perform more
And best of all, your libido will go up!


We hope that more people will stop worrying so much about being skinny and instead worry about being healthy. By doing that, you can have a long life free of disease and worry. So if you’re reading this, start making improvements to your diet!

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