Our Worst Excuses for Not Exercising

Exercising is something that people sometimes, just don’t want to do. Sure, we all know and understand that we should and we are all very aware of the positive benefits - but actually doing it takes commitment. And with everything that people don’t want to participate in, they find excuses that they feel are valid. However, these excuses tend to be paper-thin for the most part.

Think about the last excuse you used to put off taking some exercise - TOO - tiered, busy, sore? Here are some of the worst reasons for not exercising as well as why they are terrible.

I Just Don’t Have Enough Energy!

This one almost seems like it has a point. After a long day at work, you may feel sluggish and want to do nothing but sit down and have a beer. That is why you should consider exercise before you work, getting up a little earlier to make sure you get your morning jog or weight training. You may be thinking that this will make you even more tired when you get back, but in reality, a good exercise will give you more energy overall, so it pays for itself.

I’m on My Feet at Work all Day, Why Should I Exercise?

Speaking of work, this is a reason that many people feel is valid. Those who work at blue-collar jobs think that their career supports their fitness, but in reality, it may not be enough. Your body will perform the same tasks every day, so it has reached its plateau. Unless your career involves fitness, your job isn’t going to give you the proper exercise. Real exercise needs to push your body that little bit extra - that is where the real benefits are found.

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There’s Just Not Enough Time!

You have a kid and a full-time job, so you think that there isn’t enough time to squeeze in a workout. However, everyone has that one spot where they can work out, so this excuse doesn’t cut it. Odds are, you work just as much as anyone else who exercises.

Find a time you can work with. It may be difficult at first, but your body will thank you for it later. Exercise at home is more popular than ever with many choices of affordable home exercise equipment - no time is no excuse!

It Just Doesn’t Work for Me

Some people will exercise for a week and expect miracles, and when they discover that they’re at the same weight, they give up. What you don’t realize is that it takes a few months for you to start seeing results. Think about it: you didn’t get fat in a day, so you won’t lose all the weight in a day. Aim for about three months, and if you’re still not seeing results, try eating less, seeking a personal trainer, or talking to your doctor.

There’s So Much Information Out There It Overwhelms Me

On the Internet, there are plenty of exercising tips, many of which contradict one another and confuse the reader. Therefore, just follow a few simple rules to start with. One way to see results is to eat less and exercise more, making sure that the amount of calories you eat doesn’t exceed more than ten times your weight. Combine that with a healthy exercise regimen, and you’ll see results. Then you can look at the more complex stuff.

KISS - keep it simple ... stupid!

I’m Afraid That Everyone Will Judge Me

Some people don’t like working out at a gym or going running in public because they feel as though people will mock them for not being in complete shape or because they look funny while running. However, most people are too busy with their own lives to care about what you’re doing, and odds are, many will respect you for even working out in the first place.

There are a few mean people out there, but you just have to ignore them. Why let a few people ruin your life when you could be doing so much better than they are? Use your lack of confidence to motivate you to better things.

You Only Live Once. Why Waste Your Time Exercising?

The people who say this are usually not doing something that is living life to the fullest, so this is an ironic statement for most people. But even if you are, the reason that you only live once should be making you want to exercise more.

By exercising, you might be able to put a few more years on you! Not only that, but you’ll spend your golden years still in good shape. A lifetime of exercise can make the difference between a bedridden, elderly you or a hip grandparent who’s still got it.

If I Exercise, I’ll Just Get Hungrier

This is obvious. If you burn more calories, you’ll need more food. However, there are plenty of ways to satisfy your hunger without indulging on foods. Good, healthy nutrition is an important part of getting your regime right. Sometimes, all you need is to stay hydrated and eat a piece of fruit to keep your energy levels up. Learning to snack in a healthy way is very important. Besides that, if you control your appetite, you’ll feel less hungry.

Gyms Are Too Expensive

If the place you live in doesn’t have an affordable gym, there are plenty of ways to still get your exercise on. Run outside, bike around, or look for free classes. If it’s too cold outside, invest in a treadmill or look at a place with a free indoor walking track. Chances are, there is some place in your town where you can get a great workout for free.

I Just Don’t Have Any Motivation

This is one of the most pervasive reasons for most people. It combines all of the above to make it so that the person just doesn’t feel motivated to go. It can be a very tough one to break, but with a few methods, you can hop back on the motivation train.

If you’ve discarded all the other excuses and still think you shouldn’t work out, start slow. Set a goal to lose only a few pounds, and give yourself a reasonable time limit. Once you’ve reached that goal, set something higher, and then so on and so forth. Soon, you’ll have plenty of motivation to work out, and it will all be because you took that one step.

With these excuses out of the way, here’s hoping that you’ll be able to get back on track and start a healthy exercise regimen. To be able to keep up with regular exercise, you must make it part of your everyday life - not just a passing fad. Exercising should be a priority in life, and you should achieve it by dropping all excuses and just going for it.

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